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可能な製造, 蘇州を拠点とする著名なカスタム金属加工部品メーカー, 中国, デザインに優れている, 生産する, 特注の金属パーツの組み立て. 鋳造などの技術を活かして, CNC加工, そして鍛造, 同社は自動車や航空宇宙などのさまざまな分野向けの業界標準製品を開発しています。. と 20 積年の経験, ラピッドプロトタイピングサービス, そして品質への強いこだわり, エイブル・ファブリケーションは革新的な製品を提供することを目指しています。, 世界中の顧客に優れた金属加工ソリューションを提供.

Located in the world’s biggest industrial city – 蘇州, 江蘇省, 中国

Situated in Suzhou, 江蘇省, 中国, known as the largest industrial city globally, Able Fabrication strategically leverages the rich resources and advanced manufacturing capabilities of the region. The company’s proficiency in industrial manufacturing and metal fabrication techniques, including casting, CNC加工, and welding, is second to none. Their location within this industrial hub allows them seamless access to the global supply chain, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality, customized metal parts to businesses worldwide. By harnessing the region’s advanced manufacturing facilities, Able Fabrication has established a solid reputation for precision and reliability. The company continuously innovates, ensuring that its fabrication techniques are at the cutting edge of the industry, a testament to Suzhou’s vibrant and dynamic industrial ecosystem.

Fast rapid prototyping service with 3D design & printing in 24 hours

One of Able Fabrication’s core services is its fast rapid prototyping, where it leverages advanced 3D design and printing technologies to deliver precise prototypes within a remarkable 24-hour timeframe. This service is underpinned by a range of 3D printing applications, including stereolithography and selective laser sintering, which allow for high levels of precision and customization in metal fabrication. The benefits of rapid prototyping are manifold; it not only speeds up the development process but also enables the identification and rectification of design flaws early. さらに, the ability to customize designs caters to specific client needs, enhancing product functionality and aesthetic appeal. したがって, Able Fabrication’s rapid prototyping service is a critical asset in fast-paced industries.

20 years experience in ODM & OEM for famous brand

While their rapid prototyping services have greatly benefited fast-paced industries, Able Fabrication also boasts years of experience in Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) for several globally renowned brands. Their seasoned OEM experience, coupled with efficient rapid prototyping, has established them as a trusted partner for worldwide brands. They have successfully produced parts that adhere to strict international standards, showcasing their technical mastery and precision. Their ODM services have also seen consistent growth, with their expert team capable of designing and manufacturing custom metal parts from scratch. Their comprehensive ODM and OEM services, along with their commitment to quality, ensure the delivery of high-performance parts that meet the exact requirements of their worldwide clientele.

Professional QC system and team

In the realm of quality control, Able Fabrication employs a professional QC system and team, further solidifying their commitment to delivering superior, custom metal parts. This system is essential in identifying and rectifying production issues early, thus ensuring the benefits of Quality Control in Metal Fabrication such as cost-effectiveness and product reliability. しかし, there are common challenges in Metal Fabrication Quality Control. These include maintaining consistency in production, managing intricate design specifications, and dealing with hard-to-detect defects. To overcome these, Able Fabrication is constantly improving Quality Control Processes in Metal Fabrication. They do so by implementing advanced inspection technologies, rigorous training for their QC team, and regular assessment and revision of their QC protocols.

Exported about 200 containers one year

Reflecting their impressive production capabilities, Able Fabrication exports approximately 200 containers of custom metal parts annually. This volume is indicative of the global market demand for custom metal fabrication parts, which they are able to meet through their efficient production processes and vast manufacturing capacity. A key benefit of outsourcing custom metal fabrication to China through Able Fabrication is the cost-effectiveness, without compromising on quality or precision. The company’s adherence to stringent quality control measures ensures that the exported parts meet international standards. When choosing a metal fabrication parts manufacturer, key considerations should include production capacity, 品質保証, and delivery efficiency. Able Fabrication excels in all these aspects, making them a reliable choice for businesses worldwide.


可能な製造, renowned as an eminent custom metal fabrication parts manufacturer in China, demonstrates exceptional expertise in the creation of bespoke metal components. With a commitment to maintaining superior quality standards, the company utilizes advanced techniques for metal fabrication, ensuring the delivery of products that meet industry specifications and customer requirements. The broad application of its services across diverse sectors signifies its versatility and dominance in the metal fabrication industry.

If you are looking for a reliable custom metal fabrication parts manufacturer in China, Able Fabrication should be your first choice. With expertise in rapid prototyping, ODM/OEM services, and quality control measures, they are the ideal partner to help you produce high-performance parts that meet global standards. Contact them today to learn more about their services and capabilities.


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